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Goodnow Farms Las Palomas Chocolate

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A perfect choice for single-origin coffee and cacao lovers!

Las Palomas Special Reserve Chocolate Bar

Single-origin cacao beans meet single-origin coffee beans in Goodnow Farms' Las Palomas Chocolate Bar.

Our Las Palomas beans from Guatemala, with notes of tangerine and chocolate, get paired with Goodnow's cacao beans, also from Guatemala, as well as Goodnow's own fresh pressed Asochivite cocoa butter to make a dark chocolate bar that’s intensely flavorful, exceptionally smooth, and true to the single-origin Guatemalan flavor.

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Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Single Origin Cocoa Butter (Asochivite), Las Palomas Coffee, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Not Alkalized, No Lecithin, Vegan
Made in Sudbury, MA