Subscription FAQ

What is a subscription?
A subscription is a recurring and automatic shipment of an order placed by a customer. The customer is charged on a recurring basis.

What types of subscriptions do you offer?
Prepaid subscriptions for certain coffees as well as Pay-as-you-go Roaster's Choice Light, Medium, and Espresso subscriptions which rotate each month or Individual subscriptions for a specific coffee.

Which type is best for me? 
If you prefer to receive a new coffee each month, Roaster's Choice is for you. If you have a favorite coffee and don't want to stray from it, a subscription for that specific coffee is right for you.

How do Roaster's Choice subscriptions work?
We offer three different subscriptions: Light, Medium (excluding espresso roasts), and Espresso (including medium roasts). Each month a different coffee will be available. This is a great way to try coffee from around the globe! Our Roaster's Choice subscriptions are not prepaid and will be charged automatically each time. You can cancel or make adjustments at any time!

What sizes are available for subscriptions? 
Our Roaster's Choice subscriptions come in 8oz or 12oz bag, depending on the roast being offered that month. Our individual subscriptions are available for 8oz or 12oz, 2lb, and 5lb. 

How do I create a pay-as-you-go subscription?
Simply shop as usual, select “Subscribe and Save” and choose your desired frequency, then add to cart and checkout. Your first order will be sent immediately.

How do I gift or prepay for a subscription?
Shop for your Roaster's Choice subscription by choosing between light, medium or espresso. Select “Subscribe and Save” then check off the prepay box and choose from 3, 6, or 12 shipments. Add to cart and checkout. Your first order will be sent immediately. Your remaining orders will be sent every four weeks. 

If I purchase a subscription does it automatically create a customer account? 
While your subscription will be stored with your contact information in our system, in order to access that information you will need to activate your account. Either set up a password while checking out or by visiting the account icon at the top of the website. You may also reach out to hello@georgehowellcoffee to request an activation link. Please follow that link to set up your new password. Once you login using the same credentials used to purchase your subscription, you will see your purchase history including your subscription. 

Can I manage my subscription?
Yes! Go to your account and sign in, scroll down to the bottom right and click “Manage Your Subscription” which will take you to your subscription dashboard.

Can I cancel, skip, or pause a subscription?
Yes! You can do so from your subscription dashboard. Follow the instructions listed above to get there.
Please note, removing a coffee from a shipment could put you below the $50 free shipping minimum. If your order total falls below $50, you will be charged a shipping fee. 

I want to change a coffee in my subscription, can I?
Yes, cancel the subscription you no longer wish to receive and create a new subscription for the coffee you wish to receive instead.

Can I add to a current subscription?
Yes, you can add a one-time item or another recurring item in your subscription. 

  1. Shop for the coffee you'd like to add to the next subscription shipment
  2. Select the size and grind you wish to receive 
  3. Click "Add to Next Order on date of next order
  4. A box will pop up that says add one time or add to Recurring Subscription. If you wish to add one time, select one time, and if you wish to add as a subscription, add with frequency of your choice. 
  5. Click "Add" 
  6. You're all set. A notification will appear that says it has been added 
  7. You will receive your one-time purchase with your subscription order 

Do subscribers get a discount?
Yes, subscribers automatically receive 5% off every coffee in their subscription. 

Do subscribers get free shipping?
All orders over $50 receive free shipping. Please note, if you remove an item from your subscription and your total falls below $50, you will be charged for shipping.

Prepaid subscriptions get free shipping on all recurring orders in the subscription.

Which coffees are available for subscription?
All full-time coffees are available on a pay-as-you-go subscription. Only Roaster's Choice coffees are available for prepaid subscriptions. Our Limited Roast coffees are excluded from this as they are small, rare, and exceptional lots with limited quantities that change each week depending on availability.

What happens if a coffee is no longer available?
If we can replace the coffee with a comparable coffee, we will do so. Otherwise, you will be alerted that the item is no longer available and your subscription for that coffee will be canceled.
Coffee is a crop with a harvest season. While we have paved the way for single-origin roasting year round by freezing lots and releasing them throughout the year(s), we do sometimes run out of that crop's inventory. Additionally, we are constantly introducing new coffees. Because of these factors, we reserve the right to change or discontinue coffee at any time. 

I previously had a subscription on your old website, what happened?
If you need any information regarding your past orders, please reach out to us

Can I gift a subscription?
Yes! You may purchase a subscription and have it shipped to your gift recipient’s address. This is valid for Roaster's Choice coffees which change each month. You can choose from 3,6, or 12 shipments, with orders going out every 4 weeks. Shipping is free on all recurring orders for the prepaid subscription. 

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