Subscription FAQ

What is a subscription?
A subscription is a recurring and automatic shipment of an order placed by a customer. The customer is charged on a recurring basis.

How do I create a subscription?
Simply shop for coffee as usual, select “Subscribe and Save” along with your desired frequency, then add to cart and checkout.

Can I manage my subscription?
Yes! Go to your account and sign in, scroll down to the bottom right and click “Manage Your Subscription” which will take you to your subscription dashboard.

Can I cancel, skip, or pause a subscription?
Yes! You can do so from your subscription dashboard. Follow the instructions listed above to get there.
Please note, removing a coffee from a shipment could put you below the $50 free shipping minimum. If your order total falls below $50, you will be charged a shipping fee. 

I want to change a coffee in my subscription, can I?
Yes, cancel the subscription you no longer wish to receive and create a new subscription for the coffee you wish to receive instead.

Can I add to a current subscription?
Yes, you can add a one-time item or another recurring item in your subscription. 

  1. Shop for the coffee you'd like to add to the next subscription shipment
  2. Select the size and grind you wish to receive 
  3. Click "Add to Next Order on date of next order
  4. A box will pop up that says add one time or add to Recurring Subscription. If you wish to add one time, select one time, and if you wish to add as a subscription, add with frequency of your choice. 
  5. Click "Add" 
  6. You're all set. A notification will appear that says it has been added 
  7. You will receive your one-time purchase with your subscription order 

Do subscribers get a discount?
Yes, subscribers automatically receive 5% off every coffee in their subscription. 

Do subscribers get free shipping?
All orders over $50 receive free shipping. 

Which coffees are available for subscription?
All full-time coffees are available to receive on a recurring basis. Our Limited Roast coffees are excluded from this as they are small, rare, and exceptional lots with limited quantities that change each week depending on availability.

What happens if a coffee is no longer being roasted?
If we can replace the coffee with a comparable coffee, we will do so. Otherwise, you will be alerted that the item is no longer available and your subscription for that coffee will need to be canceled.

I previously had a subscription on your old website, what happened?
While our new website is a much-improved experience, we were unable to transfer all subscriptions to our new platform. All former subscribers were instructed on how to create their new subscription. If you need any information regarding your past orders, please reach out to us

Do you have prepaid subscription options?
Currently, we do not have prepaid subscriptions. 

Can I gift a subscription?
Yes! You may purchase a subscription and have it shipped to your gift recipient’s address, but it will not be for a set amount of time. The subscription will have a start date and will continue until you choose to stop it or the card is no longer valid. All subscriptions are charged on a recurring basis and cannot be paid for upfront.

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