El Roble – 2010

El Roble – 2010

El Roble is a 740 acre coffee farm located on the Mesa do los Santos in northern Colombia. Below are mostly tall leguminous shade trees, called Galapos, protecting thousands of coffees trees under them. This growing area of Bucaramanga is very dry with occasional severe drought and the shade helps lock moisture in. The farm is also organic and bird-friendly.

The estate home; eco-tourists invited!


Peering into the courtyard.....


A room inside.....



Leather backed chair....


Farm owner Oswaldo Aceveda with Jared Rennie of Noble Roasting Company in Oregon.


Classic shade grown coffee.


El Roble's coffee garden displaying many species of the Coffea genus, including Canephora, Liberica, Euginoides and the many varieties of Arabica.





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