Issue No. 3

August 3, 2018

Discover genuine iced coffee for the first time. You’ve
probably never had a good one!

The window for enjoying a properly brewed great coffee is fleeting.  A great cup has a life span of 20 to 30 minutes  (Sprudge video) before its complex chemistry begins to disassemble into murkier realms.  To make a great Iced Coffee, that magic moment must be captured on the spot.
Brewed coffee that has been cooled in the refrigerator is dead on arrival. Making a coffee extract to compensate for the dilution when ice cubes are added requires less water and too much coffee, resulting in under-extracted, thin and astringent flavors. And cold brew, being made with cold water, is flat, muddy and sour in comparison to a genuine iced coffee. A really good iced black coffee is, above all, surprisingly sweet and thirst-quenching.

You can now make genuine perfect iced coffee at home. For several years we have sold stainless steel “ice” cubes, to be kept in the freezer, ready to chill hot coffee. But now the ColdWave has arrived. It has ninety water-filled rods that, once immersed in just-brewed hot coffee, will cool 16 oz to 41˚ F in one minute flat. This is a perfect temperature for iced. The ice cubes will melt very slowly resulting in a surprisingly sweet thirst-quenching beverage.  For an excellent review of this product see the video by 2007 World Champion Barista James Hoffman, one of the best independent spokespersons for quality coffee I know. The ColdWave is available at our cafés and on our website.

As James Hoffman points out, the ColdWave is for home use and cannot be used in cafes. Now, however, comes the ColdWave for commercial use, and George Howell Coffee is proud to premier this product at our café at the Godfrey Hotel in Downtown Crossing and at Boston Public Market.  It takes one extra minute to give you a new experience. Please come by and try it!

– George Howell

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