• one 12oz cup or 340 grams
• chemex – 3 cup
• filters
• burr grinder
• pouring kettle
• digital scale
• timer

ONE: Fill pouring kettle with hot filtered water and rinse filter until the glass is heated. Discard water from both.

TWO: Weigh coffee to desired strength (25-28 grams) and grind.

THREE: Place the chemex on a scale, add coffee, shake to level the coffee bed, zero the scale.

FOUR: Fill your pouring kettle with hot filtered water.

FIVE: Start time and pour 100g of water in 15 seconds. Start in the center and work your way out in concentric circles.

SIX: at 1:00, pour to 200g of water in 15 seconds.

SEVEN: At 2:00, pour to 300g of water in 15 seconds.

EIGHT: At 3:00, pour to 390g of water in 15 seconds.

NINE: Coffee should drain at around 4 minutes. Remove filter. Serve.

BREWING TIP № 1: When placing the filter in the chemex, be sure to have the side with three layers against the spout. After rinsing the filter, pour the rinse water out of the side opposite the spout. Check to make sure the filter is still suctioned to the wall of the cone, with no air pockets.

BREWING TIP № 2: When pouring, you should look for dark spots on the surface of the slurry. Target your pour to submerge these spots which ensure that all the coffee in the cone is saturated. When this is achieved, continue the pour directly in the middle to agitate the slurry.

All grinders will produce a mix of course and fine particles – none are perfect, however, burr grinders produce far more uniformity. If your resulting cup is too strong and/or bitter, adjust your grind slightly courser. If it is too weak and/or sour, adjust slightly finer.