• up to 16 oz of any hot-brewed coffee
• coldwave coffee chiller
• freezer

ONE: Before initial freezing and use, wash the Cold wave chiller. All Chiller parts are top-rack dishwasher safe.

TWO: For initial freeze, place the insert into your freezer and allow it to freeze overnight. Once the Cold Wave is fully frozen, it’s ready to use!

THREE: To Snap Chill a coffee, add up to 16 oz of any hot-brewed coffee to the pitcher, up to the line on the sides. Retrieve your insert from the freezer, and slowly place it in the pitcher, and listen for the satisfying crackling sound as your coffee starts to cool.

FOUR: Wait up to two minutes, then serve your coffee over ice! Enjoy all the flavors and aromatics!

We recommend storing the pitcher separately and not in the freezer with the insert. The clear plastic has a tendency to develop fine, spider web-like cracks when stored long term in the freezer.