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Our Roaster's Choice Subscriptions rotate each month, offering something new with every delivery! The price is fixed, so the only surprise will be which coffee you'll get to enjoy.

La Bendicion, Guatemala


La Bendición El Beso de Las Piedras is owned by retired school teacher Roger Hidalgo. The farm has been kept within his family for three generations.

Getting to La Bendición is quite an impressive feat. It is situated at the top of canyon-like walls on two opposing mountain slopes. A special suspension bridge forms a long, delicate pathway to the farm, creating what appears to be a tight-rope walk for not only people, but also vehicles transporting coffee. This precarious bridge sways with each passage, but it’s well-worth the coffee that awaits us on the other side!

Huehuetenango is a spectacular region of steep, sharp-toothed mountains and narrow valleys. Warm winds from the hot Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico to the north flow through valleys branching east-west, warming the mountainsides and allowing coffee growth at far higher altitudes than would ordinarily be possible. 

From working with the small farm throughout the years, we have formed a close connection with the farmers and help provide feedback with each harvest. Since 2017 we’ve encouraged the picking of bright red cherries for impressive acidity, clarity and sweetness in the resulting cup. We’ve also prompted the farm to utilize GrainPro bags to store coffee throughout its processing and shipping for extra protection to ensure quality is preserved.

Best Brewing Methods for Medium Roast:
Electric BrewerPour Over,  French PressAeropress, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Roaster's Choice Subscription rotate each month. Enjoy a new coffee with every delivery!

Our Light subscription includes only light coffees. Our Medium includes only medium coffees. Our Espresso includes espresso and medium coffees.

Coffees range from countries all over the globe from Kenya to Costa Rica. The price remains the same each month and does not vary based on the coffee of the month.

Light: Our light roast coffees are roasted delicately to highlight the terroir from their native countries. George has likened a perfect light roast to landing a plane on a matchstick–An extremely challenging task to nail completely. Roasting is always a balancing act in maintaining the right amount of acidity without under-developing a coffee, or otherwise going a touch too far and eliminating its nuanced flavors. The result should be a lively and multi-dimensional coffee, packed with bright, yet smooth acidity, florals and fruit that pop, and ever morphing tasting notes that last from hot to cool.

Medium: Our medium roast coffees have mild acidity while providing a richer overall body. These coffees are typically roasted longer and developed further than our light roasts, producing flavors that lean more heavily toward chocolate and nuts at their core while still providing mellow accents like flowers, fruit, and citrus. The mild acidity in our medium roast coffees lends itself well to creating a bright yet rounded espresso shot, with discernible terroir notes.

Espresso: Our espresso roasts are catered towards those who enjoy an Italian-style shot or one with a bright, round body. These coffees are roasted the longest and developed furthest for greater caramelization and an inherent dark chocolate flavor. The bittersweet chocolate and depth of body can stand up to the addition of milk and sugar and work well in espresso-based cocktails. The minimal acidity present in these coffees makes them preferable for an evening after-dinner espresso!

Every month! Enjoy trying something new with each delivery. Please note, you may receive the same coffee twice depending on how frequently you choose to receive orders. 

Bags will range in size from 8oz to 12oz, depending on the coffee offered that month.